On holidays

We wanted a beach holiday, with sunshine, wine, food and each others company and we got, a no hassle beach holiday with sunshine, wine, food (so much food) and we got on well for the entire time (bar the odd bicker of course…)

I feel it’s necessary to comment on this as I have still raw memories of a holiday we took two years ago to Italy where we spent the first three days arguing. It was horrible… But, I think this time we spent the first three days sleeping and I loved it.

I also managed to not change colour, seven days in bright Sicilian sunshine and I’m so worried about burning I spent most of it with factor 25 suncream on or hiding under a beach umbrella. J tells me it’s good, I won’t look like an old leathery lady… I just enjoyed the warmth.

Now to get the sand out of everything and back to normality. And to sort out all the things I abandoned for a week. One of which was my e-mails… Which to be honest was perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday. To be completely out of contact for a week. Poifect!

Now to bed, we shall enjoy our last day off before the grind and I shall be back soon with more tales, thoughts, photos and of course will be catching up with all I have missed in the blogging world this last week!



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