A few of my favourite things…

Here is hopefully the first of a series all about my favourite things. Items or activities which I just love and want to tell everyone about. So here goes…

I’ve been working longer than normal hours recently and not sleeping so well because I’m worrying about everything I have to do. So I’ve been very much in need of this item:

MAC Studio Finish SPF35 concealer

This bad boy covers even the darkest circles which loom under my eyes, perks them up, makes me look human and if I wear no other make up I wear this.

I’ve never tried Touche Eclat, I probably should (opinions on this would be welcomed) but for now this little pot does me just fine.



  1. everybodysaysdont

    Poor you! I know the feeling… I don't like Touche eclat personally, it works well but if I use it daily for a few weeks it gives me a sore rash under my eyes, no other creme or anything has ever done that so I don't think my eye area is very sensitive or anything.Good luck with everything and try not to worry! xxx

  2. meag

    Very cool that it has spf – I use Benefit's erase paste (and I LOVE it, but no spf) but I'll give this a try next time I see it.

  3. Marie

    @everybodysaysdont – Actually I reacted really bad to a YSL foundation so maybe I should avoid Touche Eclat! I think it might be the minerals it uses to make it reflective… @meag – I didn't realise it had spf until writing about it 🙂 But pleased it has it. @Brazen – Lucky you if you can get away with not wearing it! This one is good but I think it's ultimately all about finding something which suits you. Although recommendations do help to plough through the multitude of products out there!

  4. Rachel

    Touche Eclat is good but not worth it's price tag. Although the new YSL mascara is fantastic, so don't write off all YSL products.I use a Mac concealer in a tube but have had it for ages and think it should be replaced and also find it doesn't help my under eye shadows much at all. I will have a look at this one next time I am shopping. Do you need a brush to apply it with?

  5. Marie

    @Rachel – In theory you are meant to use a brush but my fingertips work just as well sometimes. And it's better warm so then the fingers help as they warm it up so easier then to apply.

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