Kai Mayfair – Review

As a follow up to my last post I thought I should tell you about Kai. We went there because I had won a voucher for it in a raffle and we like to go to nice restaurants to celebrate our anniversary. So this year it worked out as Kai. The restaurant is nicely decorated, somehow it still feels Chinese but obivously upmarket. We had a big table which was kind of separate from the rest, although in some ways that was good.

We figured since we had the voucher that we didn’t need to worry too much about how much we spent, so J had soft shelled crab for his starter and I had steamed scallop and king prawn. Our starters were both lovely. They came out at different times but this was fine as we had been warned. And both were dishes you wouldn’t cook yourself at home, which always makes the restaurant experience feel more worthwhile.

Then on to our mains, I had beef in a pepper sauce and J lamb. If I’m honest I was not so impressed with our mains. My beef’s sauce tasted a little shop bought and wasn’t great and J’s lamb just wasn’t much of anything.

I then figured I would push the boat out and have a pudding. I had the ‘not to be missed’ pudding which involved pumpkin cream, something I should have been wary of from the start. Again, nice enough but not amazing. Especially for the price.

Which takes me to my next point, this place is expensive, starters start at around ¬£15 and go upwards and upwards. Mains are of course more expensive. Now I don’t mind expensive when I feel like it’s worth it. And I think our starters were, but for the mains and pudding I felt less happy with the amount it cost. Although I knew the ingredients were of good quality for that much I expected something more amazing.

However the service was superb, very nice staff, nice atmosphere.

So in summary I don’t think I’d recommend it, I think it’s just a little too expensive for what we had. If you really want to go and spend lots of money then have the starters and avoid the pudding I had and you’ll probably have a lovely dinner!



  1. Krista

    Well, I think that's a long way for us to travel for dinner. I'd love to go, but next time we go we know to avoid that restaurant! :)That shampoo sounds like baby powder. I've used baby powder (just a tiny bit) on my hair for years to take out the oil.Also, I nominated you for a blog award. If you'd like to accept it, go to my blog (when you get back from your trip).

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