Creme Caramel – Success!

So on Monday I managed to tick off number 3 from my list. Which made me very happy! It also made J quite happy and our friend A who was joining us for a Bank Holiday lunch.

I got the recipe from Larousse, amazingly enough the only cook book I had with the recipe and off I went… Below the little beasts before they were turned out on to the plate.

The yumminess in its glory. Sorry I am bragging but I was amazed they worked and looked like they should, plus they tasted pretty good too… Hopefully you can see the vanilla throughout the caramel and custard (I only put it in the custard but somehow it ended up in the caramel too).

The only slight problem I had was with the caramel, I think I did something wrong as my moulds now have a rock solid layer of caramel at the bottom. Exceedingly hot water will be the only thing getting that out, although I have tried I promise!
If anyone wants the recipe I used leave me a comment and I shall get it for you!


  1. Emily

    I would LOVE the recipe! I am obsessed with anything caramel:) These are great looking, doubt that mine will ever look this good:)

  2. The Cwtch

    Mmmm they look scrumptious! Delish! Don't worry about the caramel in the ramekins – the best and easiest way to get it off is to put the ramekins in a deep saucepan with water and bring to the boil, the caramel will just disperse in the water. It's easy to scratch the ramekins if you scrub them and then the next time it wont be so easy to get the deliciousness out of the moulds!

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