Skinny jeans

My absolute favourite skinny jeans are almost dead… I’ve had them for a few years so it’s no surprise that holes are appearing but I now feel at a loss about what to do. Where to go from here?!

I bought my original ones from Ted Baker, they fitted a treat and were the perfect length (being a tall girl this is not always guaranteed). They were black, the perfect going out jean colour and one which I suddenly found I could not live without.

So here’s the crux of it. I need help! Advice on where to get black skinny long jeans, they need to be at least a 34″ inner leg. Also if possible not wildly expensive. I’ve looked in Ted Baker again but nothing there and the Selfridges sale was only selling short jeans so there’s another dead end.

Anything you can offer will be accepted with glee and warmest thanks! Xx



  1. Kylli

    No help from here sorry – I have the opposite problem despite being from the same gene pool as you. I can never find jeans for the shorter model which is why I order online from the states! OTherwise I have to get about 4 inches cut off the end 🙂

  2. Joan Hunter Dunn

    Not sure I can help but will be very interested in the suggestions you receive. Not being a huge jeans girl I tend to buy cheap ones from UniQlo (I'm 5'5" and have to turn up my skinny jeans from them). I'm interested in spending a little bit more on jeans so do share what you choose.

  3. Gaynor

    I have such an issue finding jeans; it always takes me forever!I have the opposite problem in that im a small fry so have seen that New Look have loads of leg lengths, although not sure of the quality; think I got my last black skinny jeans from debenhams.

  4. Krystal

    My favorite pair is actually from H&M…they are very dark jean color (not black though) but maybe you can find a good pair there?

  5. babypicturethis

    I'm a short ass so have the opposite problem. However, my sis swears by Miss Selfridge Black Jeans, and they always look fabulous on her. High Street I know, but sometimes you can't go wrong!x

  6. agirl

    Meh at skinny jeans. Hardly anyone makes versions that look on my(generous of thigh and buttock for my size, and really only to be genetically expected) shape. I once found a decent pair in Zara, but it wasn't one of their regular jean lines, so it's probably disappeared by now. And I'm *not* tall, so not helpful.Hmmm, I think I'm gonna check out UniQlo though. Have meant to for ages…

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