One of the nicest things about having our new flat is that we can put our own artwork on the walls. In our previous flat we had two large posters in the lounge that neither of us liked but because they were the landlady’s we could do nothing about then. So it’s been really nice putting up our own stuff! Once our container arrives we shall also put up photos we have taken but for now I thought I’d share what we have with you…

A wall map of America which was given to me as a leaving gift from work. This is in our lounge/dining room.

My new Sharon Montrose prints (I love them!), these are in the bedroom.

And finally a set of three posters we given by some very close friends of ours. These also hang in the lounge/dining room.



  1. Joan Hunter Dunn

    What a great leaving present – can you plot your trips around America on it? Your Keep Calm posters are great for being away from the UK. It’s so good to have pictures with memories behind them.

  2. Rose

    freedom is in peril made me rather teary- I don’t know if it’s because Remembrance things are everywhere. Anyway what a nice reminder of here- your new place looks like it’s getting homely very quickly

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