As of yesterday I am officially allowed to work in the USA, woohoo! This is both exciting and terrifying news. Exciting because I can meet new people, get out of the house, earn money and hopefully really experience what it’s like to live here.

Terrifying because that actually means getting a job. Finding something I want to do, can do and in a company that will employ me will not be an easy feat but never say never.

Wish me luck! (or even better if you know someone in Washington DC who is looking for a lovely Brit to come work for them, do let me know) 😉



  1. Clare (formerly known as Fliss)

    Eeeeek. I’m pretty confident that you are going to have a job in no time, which will no doubt help with feeling like you’re building yourself a life there. My only advice is to network – I got my job here through the pure luck of knowing someone who knew someone, and being in the right place at the right time. A million best wishes. Eeeek!

    • wifenewcity

      Thank-you! I am trying to get a little better at networking. But it’s sooo much effort sometimes I get bored and tired! Ah well. I’m sure I’ll get there somehow.

  2. w1mum

    Yey! Go girl, you’re even using ‘awesome’ already. How very very exciting, to be in the US of A, do keep us posted. I loved the NY pics. You’ll be far too busy exploring to have an allotment! Good luck.

  3. Rose

    brilliant! congratulations… although honestly it must be a bit sad too… or am I just thinking that because I haven’t had more than a week off for 8 years?! and you like you say elsewhere- if I had 2 weeks off would I write that novel or would I just go shopping and watch bad telly… the latter knowing me!

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