It’s going to be a flowery week round here I’ve decided. So here are some more. This time the amazing Magnolias, which compete with the cherry blossoms in Washington for the top tree heralding spring. They truly are glorious. I wrote a while back about seeing the buds heralding spring coming and now here they are!

Some fabulous magenta/purple magnolias, I’ve never seen them this colour before and cannot wait for these to bloom fully.

The more traditional coloured Magnolia.

*sigh* I love Spring and it’s flowers.



  1. Kristy

    Those dark purple/magenta ones are so pretty! You’ll share more photos when they’re fully in bloom, yes?

    And it’s funny to me to think of the traditional magnolia colour as pink – the most common type here are white! Although I did see a tree covered in yellow buds in East Texas last weekend. (Pictures to come soon; having some issues with my external hard drive & photos uploading…)

  2. Rebecca

    Those magnolias are beautiful, especially the plummy one! I’m going to treat myself to one soon, I work next to b&q (I know, not the best place for plants) but they have a variety in called Susan! I don’t know why that’s imPortabt, I just like the name 🙂

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