Around the White House Gardens

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to be given tickets to the Spring opening of the White House gardens. Not only were we given tickets but we were given four! Which was rather wonderful as we had lovely friends from England with us.

So on a chilly grey Sunday we turned up (as did about 10,000 other people that weekend) to tour around the gardens. And what fun it was! The gardens really are beautiful.

I don’t think this is a famous bit but it looks just lovely.

They had a band playing as we went around. Lots of brass and rousing tunes.

The vegetable garden as introduced by Michelle Obama. Here if you look closely you can see plants which were from Jefferson’s garden. As in plants which have been cultivated at Monticello since Jefferson’s time and are now being grown in the White House gardens!

And finally an ‘up close’ pic of the House itself, complete with the many many visitors that morning!

Lucky us 🙂



  1. Kristy

    Fantastic! I know flowers are pretty, but I can’t help loving the vegetable garden the most – especially since there are Monticello veggies mixed in, because that’s just cool. (I surely would’ve killed all those plants long ago had I been left in charge…)

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