I’ve been under the weather for about 3 weeks now and after a while it really starts to get to you. Normally I’m in fairly rude health and this most recent stint of illness has made me realise how much I take it for granted that I’m healthy. It’s also made me think about how I really do need to take better care of myself.

This year has been busy, work has been intense at times, good but with no let up and I have travelled a lot. I’ve not had a holiday where I’ve had an entire week off since last Christmas when my in-laws visited. I really need a break to relax properly and give my body a little love.

I’m contemplating a cleanse, I’ve never done one before but with the illness has come very few gym visits and comfort eating so that of course means a slightly more relaxed waistline than I would perhaps like… The next few weeks are crazy busy though, we fly back to the UK for a few days to try and find somewhere to rent, then I have a work project for a week, the following week we head to San Francisco for a few days and throughout this time we also have to sort everything out to move. Fun times.

Still I can’t complain, I’m feeling better, things *are* happening and slowly but surely we’ll get there, one way or another. As a wise friend said recently you have to eat an elephant one bite at a time.



  1. Ross Parker

    Not sure if it is available in the US, but I have been using Vick’s First Defence for two and a half years (and Helen for year) when we have any kind of cold/sniffles/sneezing, from the minute you first get the first sneeze or tickle. Neither of us have had a cold since we started doing this, which is a big improvement on my normal 1-3 per year and Helen’s 1 per year. I had serious doubts about the product, which is not actually a medicine – it stimulates your nose to produce more mucus to defend itself against infection (nice!). However, despite my doubts it works so well that I have four personal bottles: one in the door of my car, one in my work travel wetbag, one on my desk in the office, and one at home. That way I am always within reach of it when I sneeze. I should state that I am not paid by Vicks – I just can’t believe how well this stuff has worked for me. Of course, if I ever get another cold, I may change my view, but at present, this is the best £6 I have ever spent. Also, one £6 spray lasts about a year.

    There are some downsides: the taste is vile if it runs down your throat. Boots make a version of this on their own label that is less horrid to taste, but I have only used that once (when I wasn’t within reach of my First Defence, and therefore needed an immediate substitute on a busy city street – hence the multiple spray strategy now!!)

  2. elle

    You haven’t had a whole week off since last Christmas?! Dear lady, please, please tell me that upon your return you’re going to ditch these mad, mad American work habits and allow yourself to properly rest! I insist upon it. xx

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