About Life in the city


I started this blog after I got married, it was a place to document my life and all that passed. In October 2010 my husband and I moved to Washington, DC, in January 2013 we moved back to London. Both have been quite the shift and this little corner of blog land has since been my space to document the move, past experiences of being an expat, my life and anything else which takes my fancy.

I’ve been inspired to add a few posts which hopefully will give you a little idea of me and what I ramble on about in this blog.

On being a wife

Some DC area photos

How we got here

You can also find me on Twitter (@wifeinthecity) and Instagram



  1. Charlotte Spafford

    So excited to stumble upon your blog via Any Other Wedding! My husband and I have been together ten years and in January we move from the UK to Houston for three years. All of the thing I have read sound like the feelings I am currently experiencing. How much longer have you got to go in Washington DC?


    • wifenewcity

      Thanks Charlotte, lovely to have you here! We’re likely to be here for up to three more years, until our next visas run out… Will you be working when in Houston? If you have any questions I’ll drop you an email so you have my details in case I can be of help at all. M x

  2. Charlotte

    Thanks so much Marie, I will work once I receive my permit! If I can find a job…..what do you do in the US and is it the same as what you trained for in the UK? I am a teacher at the moment and I plan to get a teaching job out in the states but am not sure how quickly or easily I will get it.


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