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Embracing the true spirit of now living in the suburbs we have signed ourselves up for an allotment. This it would seem is either going to be madness or genius. Yesterday to show our intent to actually do something to this allotment we went down there and started to discovery what it is we have actually signed ourselves up for. One short hour of digging and trying to pull out the weeds and grasses which had covered the raised beds and we were beginning to feel like we might be making a little progress. I imagine by next weekend it will look nothing like how we left it, the space we made will likely have been devoured by the weeds we didn’t fully remove but the fight has begun.

To be completely honest we have no idea what we are going to do with this or how. However now we have it we shall have to learn!

When we arrived it looked like this


After the hour it looked a lot more like what you would expect from an allotment (or to our eyes at least)


Both photos taken from approximately the same angle. One of the more exciting discoveries at our allotment was some rhubarb! Which is one of my favourites. So now to decide what to attempt, to clear it up even further and to work out what the hell we are doing!

If anyone knows of any good allotment blogs please point me in their direction!


Skinny jeans

My absolute favourite skinny jeans are almost dead… I’ve had them for a few years so it’s no surprise that holes are appearing but I now feel at a loss about what to do. Where to go from here?!

I bought my original ones from Ted Baker, they fitted a treat and were the perfect length (being a tall girl this is not always guaranteed). They were black, the perfect going out jean colour and one which I suddenly found I could not live without.

So here’s the crux of it. I need help! Advice on where to get black skinny long jeans, they need to be at least a 34″ inner leg. Also if possible not wildly expensive. I’ve looked in Ted Baker again but nothing there and the Selfridges sale was only selling short jeans so there’s another dead end.

Anything you can offer will be accepted with glee and warmest thanks! Xx

Help Needed! Hotel recommendations in Paris

Still on the list of things to do… Having completed number 3 by making creme caramel I am now looking at the others on the list. Number one on that list was to go to Paris for the weekend.

Last week I booked our Eurostar! And we’re going in August, a long way away I know but I shall start planning now.

So I am looking for your help. Seeing as you lot are a well travelled lot can you give me recommendations of both areas and hotels to stay. My budget isn’t huge and I know Paris is expensive so if it could also not be ridiculously expensive that would be wonderful!

Ideally we’ll be based centrally, I don’t really want to have to get the metro a lot. Especially as I imagine in August it’ll probably be sticky and hot.

Looking forward to hearing all your ideas 🙂 M x

I have been thinking of getting a new perfume. For years I have worn Coco Chanel Mademoiselle and I still love it, it feels like me when I smell it and I love that with a little splash in the morning it’s still there (just) in the evening. But I think it’s time for a change, I’m growing up and want a different scent with which to mark my trail.
So I currently have three contenders (I think) which are as follows:

The ‘upgrade’ to Coco Chanel. A fragrance I am growing to love. I tried it on before getting on the plane yesterday and enjoyed smelling it throughout the airport and on the flight, plus I love Chanel bottles and fragrances in general.

Ormonde Woman – A fragrance I have heard much about, especially from the very knowledgable Rose and Mrs Trefusis but one which I am yet to smell. I just loved the way they described this scent so I feel I really must try and see if I do like it enough to wear it.

Prada – L’eau Ambree, yummy, heady, musky warm scent. Again I tried this recently and do very much like it. I have liked other Prada perfums before and this one is a winner again. Perhaps a little too much as an evening scent but there was another Prada one which was lighter for daytime I was thinking of.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a signature scent? Can you imagine any of these scents working on me? Do they suit how you imagine me? Tricky I know but I thought I’d ask all the same!

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I have no ideas for a Halloween costume for Saturday night. Any suggestions for easy costumes which I can transform myself into much appreciated. I also have no time… Except for maybe a dash out this evening. Ahhhhhhhh!

On being asked about your weight and what follows…

Image from Cute Overload

I have just been asked if I have put on weight. To which I had to be honest and say yes. But I was surprised I was asked, it is not something one normally does! However the person asking is a Middle Eastern lady who is part of the group I am currently managing a programme for. I met her first in May and she hasn’t seen me since then. Does this then make it okay for her to ask if I am getting fatter?

And is it okay for me to feel hurt that I was asked even if I know it to be true?
Mine is a creeping weight gain, a little here and there which as it is adding up is becoming a lot. I know I need to do something about it. I have known this for a while. Big sister has been great and encouraging, I have been useless.
But I have done one thing… Give up my gym membership which I was wasting money on each month and not using. And instead signed up for a six week pole dancing course. My course starts in two and a half weeks. I hope that by doing this I will regain some interest in exercise and begin the slow journey down the weight loss road. Any suggestions/support/ideas much appreciated.
M x

Lost – Eyebrow Tweezers

I have some how managed to lose my eyebrow tweezers. These are one of my treasured beauty items, which I hate being without. I thoroughly enjoy plucking my eyebrows, I find it quite relaxing to be honest and so am feeling rather lost myself now. I also have never used traditional tweezers, I currently have a pair which I am using in the interim but instead of tweezing am just breaking my hairs… Not ideal!

So I’m looking for tweezers like these Tweezerman ones below. This is what my old tweezers were like and I loved them. But I can never seem to find any. Any suggestions as to where I can get hold of these? Anyone seen something similar sold anywhere?

Any advice as to really good tweezers, even if they’re not shaped as below! Anything honestly will be wonderful and much appreciated!

On another note, am obviously now back from the long weekend in Oxfordshire. Lots of photos and stories to tell soon!