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Cooking and some cookbook recommendations

We’ve been cooking again, really cooking. It has been glorious. Finally trying new things, creating delicious dinners, odd but tasty leftovers and everything in between. Partly this is because we’re trying to be a little more frugal so cooking at home is the way forward. Partly this is also because for my birthday this year I received three wonderful cookbooks. I love cookbooks and often flick through them for inspiration but I recently realized that I was getting into the habit of falling back to cook what I knew, rather than trying new things. So new recipes from new cookbooks it is.

The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy This is a beautifully written book with fabulous images to accompany the recipes. Recipes from across the middle east which I really like and inspiring flavours and colours.

The Lebanese Kitchen by Salma Hage  This is almost as much a reference book as a recipe book. Full of a huge number of recipes, some variations on a theme but all simple, straightforward and most importantly delicious. I made a lamb and aubergine stack last weekend which was yummy.

Ottolenghi by Yohan Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi  I’m sure everyone has already heard about this but this cookbook is a delight. Full of great flavour combinations in the recipes, straightforward, good instructions and beautiful mouthwatering illustrations.


Creme Caramel – Success!

So on Monday I managed to tick off number 3 from my list. Which made me very happy! It also made J quite happy and our friend A who was joining us for a Bank Holiday lunch.

I got the recipe from Larousse, amazingly enough the only cook book I had with the recipe and off I went… Below the little beasts before they were turned out on to the plate.

The yumminess in its glory. Sorry I am bragging but I was amazed they worked and looked like they should, plus they tasted pretty good too… Hopefully you can see the vanilla throughout the caramel and custard (I only put it in the custard but somehow it ended up in the caramel too).

The only slight problem I had was with the caramel, I think I did something wrong as my moulds now have a rock solid layer of caramel at the bottom. Exceedingly hot water will be the only thing getting that out, although I have tried I promise!
If anyone wants the recipe I used leave me a comment and I shall get it for you!

Happy Easter

Aren’t long weekends just lovely? Although a shame the weather is misbehaving and being grey and rainy instead of blue and sunny. So to make up for that I thought I’d share some pics I took 3 years ago when I was home for Easter. And no we don’t have roosters in our backgarden, I saw these on a walk, although it would be fun to have roosters!

New Rhubarb shoots, rhubarb is one of my favourite fruits ever. I just love, love, love it.

The Cherry blossom on the trees in the backgarden, finally beginning to see a little blossum in St James Park, but much later this year.
Hope you all enjoy your long weekend’s and have a wonderful Easter break! M x

A few of my favourite things… III

The weather in London has been miserable, rain, rain, rain and yet more rain. Plus the wind and the general greyness, it’s enough to get one down. So I have been utterly grateful for the next in my series of favourite things, my Hunter welly boots. These are the things of magic, they are sturdy, fun and most importantly keep my feet warm and dry.
It’s one of those things I’ve always hated, wet feet, especially wet feet in nice shoes, which are then wet feet in nice ruined shoes. So having wellies has become an essential for me. Plus it means I can behave like a four year old and jump in puddles with glee.
So for those city dwellers who are fed up of wet feet, go get some Hunters! And even if they seem a little pricey they are the best, my last pair broke within about three months much to my upset and so from now on I will be tried and tested!
I am only slightly upset that I went for plain old Aubergine and not something a little jazzier. Maybe for the next pair I can branch out 🙂

A few of my favourite things… II

I am not a big make-up girl, in fact I hate having foundation on as I feel like my skin can’t breathe. But there are a few items I can’t do without and mascara is one of them. Without it I feel bare and horrid. My most recent one is Max Factor’s Masterpiece mascara. I don’t often get caught by marketing but there’s so much choice out there I couldn’t decide and having recently seen their advert I bought it. And I’m impressed, for a mascara it has both a good lengthening and volumising effect. So it comes with me where needed, for opening up my little eyes and making my eyelashes ready to flutter.

A few of my favourite things…

Here is hopefully the first of a series all about my favourite things. Items or activities which I just love and want to tell everyone about. So here goes…

I’ve been working longer than normal hours recently and not sleeping so well because I’m worrying about everything I have to do. So I’ve been very much in need of this item:

MAC Studio Finish SPF35 concealer

This bad boy covers even the darkest circles which loom under my eyes, perks them up, makes me look human and if I wear no other make up I wear this.

I’ve never tried Touche Eclat, I probably should (opinions on this would be welcomed) but for now this little pot does me just fine.