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Some light photographic relief

We recently spent a weekend with my parents in the countryside. J and I went to relax for a while, which was long overdue, both to see my parents and to relax a little.

So we had some fun taking a few photos and playing with our camera. Hope you like them!

Still makes me long for a garden though… To grow tomatoes and gooseberries would be enough 🙂


Baby Picture This the results!

Above my beautiful Baby Picture This prints in their new frame from Cargo. Aren’t they lovely! Soon to be gifted to a friend of mine as a very belated Christmas and birthday present. Although now I’ve got them on my wall it’ll be hard to give them away!

Vote! Vote like a stoat!

So today is finally polling day for the UK. It feels a long time coming… But this means it’s time to exercise our democratic right. So go, go all those who can and cast your vote. Because this could be it for another 5 years…

It will be very interesting to see what comes of the election tomorrow. I am off to an election reception in the evening and we’ll see what happens on Friday!

Woppee! An award for me!

The lovely Make Do Style has very kindly passed on the above reward. Which I am very excited to have received. Blog awards are such lovely things to get. And so the rules are as follows, tell seven things about yourself and then pass the award on to seven other beautiful bloggers. Now I always like talking about myself and sharing the love so here goes:
  1. I am now a School Governor for a school in Mayfair, longer story behind how that came about and no I don’t have any secret children
  2. I have two older sisters, they are both currently pregnant and people keep asking me if I am going to follow suit, I’m not… (yet)
  3. I walk to and from work almost every day and think I would go crazy if I didn’t
  4. I absolutely love University Challenge and get so excited if I get a question right
  5. I am an organised messy person, untidy but I normally know where in my untidiness things are
  6. I still love looking at wedding photos. And wedding dresses. And choose ones I would wear now, normally the more crazy ones now my simple one has been worn
  7. I am preparing to try and make quilts for the nieces/nephews on the way, eek!

And on to the sharing of the love, here goes:

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Thanks again Kate! M x

Would you want one of these?

Again whilst in Mayfair I caught this rather ‘delightful’ toilet. It struck me as odd that while someone was on the toilet they might want some porcelain nipples poking in their back. Perhaps this is something about interior design I will never understand… Your thoughts?


Work, work, work. Eat, Sleep. Right now it kind of feels like this. Busy, busy, busy, my mind isn’t on top of things. But it’s good. It’s challenging and rewarding at times so not all is to complain about. I also have my first pole dancing class tonight, more on that tomorrow I’m sure!

Until then, I’ve found a new Simon’s cat short film. I love these films, they always make me smile. However due to my lack of skills I can’t embed video on my blog. Maybe someone can tell me how? Instead I shall offer a link to The Official Simon’s Cat website. Check it out if you have time 🙂

A few of my favourite things…

Here is hopefully the first of a series all about my favourite things. Items or activities which I just love and want to tell everyone about. So here goes…

I’ve been working longer than normal hours recently and not sleeping so well because I’m worrying about everything I have to do. So I’ve been very much in need of this item:

MAC Studio Finish SPF35 concealer

This bad boy covers even the darkest circles which loom under my eyes, perks them up, makes me look human and if I wear no other make up I wear this.

I’ve never tried Touche Eclat, I probably should (opinions on this would be welcomed) but for now this little pot does me just fine.

In search of Brogues

I saw a girl yesterday in teal brogues, and I thought to myself, how lovely they are! And now I’m thinking that for winter they would be just wonderful. So I have decided to search for some brogues. Here are some I like…

What do you think? Your opinion on Brogues and any suggestions of where to find them would be warmly appreciated. Or anywhere I can find some coloured ones, which are preferably a little lower in the vamp if possible. Oh and not too expensive! Not asking much am I 🙂