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Conscious decisions

I was talking to a friend this evening about what J and I were planning on doing for lent. We’ve never done anything for lent before, but this year I’ve had some time to think and it felt like a good opportunity to take to try and bring us back to making conscious choices about what we do rather than floating along.

One thing we’re doing is not drinking from Sunday – Thursday. We knew that no booze at all was completely unrealistic but cutting back, definitely a good thing. In part it’s because I can’t deal with feeling so shit after so little to drink, but also because I want to be making the choice to have a drink, not doing it because that’s what I normally do.

The second thing we’re doing, or are going to try to do is to have one night a week without TV or Internet. A chance to be together without distractions and other gumpf and to invest in us and our relationship.

Together I hope that these actions will bring me back to being in the moment more and being more conscious of the decisions I am making. That after this exercise I’ll be more aware of what impacts the choices I make will have.




YES, what this says. That is what 2012 will be. 

Poster from the Obama Store

Arlington Cemetary

A weekend back J and I had friends in town and together we went out to Arlington cemetary. It was a beautiful spring day, bright with the most amazing blue sky but thankfully not too hot.

We joined a DC by foot walking tour of the cemetary, which was great and I would highly reommend.

The cemetary is a beautiful place, so full of nature and greenery and incredibly calm and moving to visit. After a certain year all the gravestones are the same. They are also placed to be in horizontal lines which stretch out as far as the eye can see in some places.

One of the Kennedy’s, Edward I think, had this simple white wooden cross as his tombstone.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is famous and not quite what I wa expecting. They have a guard watching it at all times so you can’t actually get very close to it. It’s also interesting that now they have much better record systems the number of unknowns is decreasing hugely.

Every half hour they change the guard who watch over the tomb of the unknown soldier. It’s an interesting display. The inspection of the new guard (as shown below) is very twiddly. Also all the guards have to be between 5’10” and 6’2″ and have a 28″ – 32″ waist! This is so the guards can fit the uniform and look uniform too!

The graves range from many years but some are newer than others. This one with the rock stood out to me. The rock has written on it:

Never forgot
Forever loved

Happy Christmas!

As this is being published I will be at home with my parents, celebrating spending Christmas together. Just the three of us and good food plus a couple of bottles of wine…

Wishing you all the most wonderful Christmasses wherever you may be. I leave you with some of the wonderful trees I have spotted in Washington DC, the first one being the huge White House Christmas tree! Xxx 

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

I am stealing this post title from A girl and Kristy because it just describes so damn well what I want to say.

In 9 hours I’ll have taken off (hopefully) to return to London and to home and to see everyone I have missed so dearly. I cannot wait.

Apologies in advance therefore as I am going to disappear into the unconnected ether and not read blogs/twitter/emails for most of the time. However seeing as I still can’t work in January there shall be lots of catching up time 😉


The White Rabbit

As a child I loved Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The images and the story were so wonderful and I really enjoyed reading the full length story as I grew up. But that’s a by the by. What I really mean is right now I feel like the White Rabbit. Always saying oh my look at the time as I realise I have a million and one things to do, places to be and people to see. So my apologies for the lack of comments, posts etc. Once I have disappeared down my hole and resurfaced I shall be back with hopefully more posts, pictures and comments!

White rabbit from here 

Communities and Villages

This move thing has got me thinking about many things, one of which is the communities and villages we create in our lives. It’s a topic which has been talked about in lots of different contexts on various blogs. As I was sat in church this morning I started thinking about it for me and J. London has become our village in some ways, full of communities we’re part of, we have our colleagues, our church and our friends to name a few.

This morning got me to thinking about how we can find new people and develop new relationships. It’s taken eight years of being here to get to this point and that’s eight years of having connections made for you through University and work. So how do we do it over there. How do we create our new support networks.

Something which I think will be one of the challenges of relocating. I’m sure we’ll get there, it’s just working out how. I do think though that if nothing else the experience of going through this will make us appreciate even more all we have here and perhaps make us better at meeting people!


J left on Monday, this is my fourth night home alone. Only 18 more to go… It’s funny because I’ve actually slept pretty well, something I normally have trouble with. But this evening is the first I’ve felt that creep of quietness in the flat. No-one to come home and talk to, or just to curl up with. And if I’m lonely surrounded by what I know and my friends I can only imagine what J is going through. In an alien city with only support in electronic form.

So for now a period of loneliness, on both sides of the Atlantic. Although also of productiveness, goodbyes, hellos and oh so many other things. I’m not sure I can still express my feelings. Every day I feel like I go through almost all of the emotions there are.

And so now to quietly sitting on the sofa passing the time, not wishing the hours away but passing them until the hour I see J again on the other side of the Atlantic.

Giveaway winner!

I promised I would do the draw on Monday and so here goes:

The winner is: Trina Thea! Trina – I will drop you an email with details so I can post it off to you.

Thank-you for taking part and helping me to pass on one of my books, agirl – I hope you don’t mind but I took your comment on my last post at face value and didn’t include you hence why only 7 people in the giveaway!  I’m so sorry if I misread that.