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Getting lost in the house purchasing maze

The purchase is still ongoing… We have filled in a lot of forms. We have spoken to solicitors, estate agents, surveyors, an architect and countless friends and family about the purchase. The latest hold up is our mortgage provider not telling us they needed additional documentation and then wondering why we hadn’t provided it when I called to ask how everything was going?! Grrrr.

We agreed with our vendor to do a delayed completion. I had no idea this was even an option before we heard about it. Basically we’ll exchange contracts sometime soon and then next year we’ll actually complete on a set date. This gives us time to plan which is most important as there is a lot of planning to do.

In the meantime we’re going to move from our current place to another one, closer to our new house and *shock horror* outside of London! We’re going to be proper commuters, in the main because to afford anywhere vaguely like what we were after we have had to make the decision to make the leap. I’m sad and excited. This is the next step in our life, the next place after the next one will be one we own and that is just immense, overwhelming. On the flip side we moved back to England to be in London and then are moving away from it. That bit I’m sad about. We’ll still be in the city, coming in for work and seeing friends up here, so all is not yet lost.

The whole affording to live in London is a conversation we’ve had many times over, both between ourselves and with friends. Some of the house prices I see astonish me, it is eye-watering to see how much it costs to get so little. Concerning too, I do wonder how long this can all last. But that is a longer discussion and probably one best over a bottle of wine with some heated debate.


Next steps

We’re currently trying to buy a house. We said that when we came back to the UK we would buy somewhere that was ours and was somewhere that we wanted to live and we could paint the walls and make it look and feel like *ours*. Then between April and the end of September my work travel went mental again and I was hardly ever around to even try and look for a house.

We kept getting asked about when we were going to buy a house and we kept putting it off. Until one weekend we finally got to go and look and realise what we could afford and what this all actually meant.

Now, we’re beginning down the long journey. Offer accepted, solicitors involved, survey done, ticking things off one by one. I’m learning something new practically every day and having to work out what all this new language is. That and having to spend the most money we’ve ever spent in our lives. It’s going to be a journey. We have very much made it that in our decision to purchase somewhere which is quite the project. Way to take the easy road.

I have a feeling this little corner of mine might become more about house renovations and trials and tribulations of such than anything else. However that will be my (our) life for the next many months so apologies in advance. If, and when, I manage to get to this space I apologise now that it will be considerably focused on houses and DIY.

It is both equally exciting and terrifying to be embarking on this next step.


We made it. After returning from San Francisco we went head first into sorting things out, throwing stuff away, giving stuff away, selling stuff. Anything to try and process everything we had in our flat in Washington. It was both incredibly cathartic doing all that sorting and getting rid and at times hard. There were moments when I had to stop because I couldn’t bear just throwing away things which were still good but we couldn’t fit in our luggage or take with us.

So six suitcases later we arrive at Heathrow, tired, excited and feeling slight trepidation about what happens next. J chose a lovely flat, lots of natural light and space, plus thankfully warm, especially these last few days. The first few days were tough, not so much a cultural adjustment, it all felt very familiar, more a life adjustment. The odd feeling that this was it, we weren’t just visiting like we had been for the last couple of years.

We’re getting there, day by day. Seeing friends, trying to write the long list of people we want to catch up with and balancing it with needing to live a leaner life and within a tighter budget. London thankfully is still the wonderful city I remembered it to be and we are enjoying discovering a new part of it (we’re NW now not SW as we were before).

Now to wait the few weeks (months?!) until our stuff arrives across the ocean and then we’ll all be set!

New home and new home

First, this blog has a new home at I would love for you to come visit me over there and to say hello. I’m still getting used to WordPress though so I’m not sure if you can follow me or how I keep track of all your blogs but I will work it out! Plus there’s lots of bits and bobs I need to do to polish it but I was too excited to wait for all of that! Oh and this is a big ask, if you link to me could you update your link please? It would be very very much appreciated.

Over there I also tell you about my new home 🙂 So please come and find out where, if you haven’t done so already!

Thanks, M xx

Holiday time…

We’re off for our final holiday of the year, until Christmas that is. Two locations, down to see the in-laws for a few days of relaxing with them and then off abroad for hopefully a bit of sunshine!

Things have been busy but I’m getting much much closer to being able to spill the beans on the Big&Scary, hopefully in a couple more weeks! And feeling a hell of a lot more positive about it all, so all’s good.

Wishing all UK bound bloggers a fabulous long weekend and for everyone else hope you have a lovely weekend!

Summer wedding

Last week we attended the wedding of J’s cousin. It was held on a gloriously sunny day up in Bedfordshire. It still feels slightly odd going to weddings when I know that I haven’t got mine to go to and I can’t be sitting there picking up ideas. Instead I can enjoy the day and night and not worry. It was a fun wedding, as evidenced below right before going into the church…

PS The dress I’m wearing I bought in Argentina, it’s one of my favourites, especially the colour.

Office move

We’ve moved offices and I now have a different position in a different office. It’s odd, nice to change but strange to be somewhere different. I am of course slightly resistant to it. But I think the change will be good. It’s already changed some of my working practices, for the better I think, and I think it will do so more over the coming months.

However it has also made me have much less time for blogging so my apologies for my quietness. I am also recovering a far too heavy week last week with too much drinking. My body is definitely telling me to slow down.

More soon… Once I’ve caught up on my greens and my sleep 🙂

Sweet William

It’s a grey day in London today, but that’s okay, we needed some rain and I had a hangover this morning so felt a bit grey too. We have guests this evening for dinner, smoked makerel pate and smoked salmon for starter, sirloin steak and homemade chips with bearnaise sauce for main and then homemade individual summer puddings for pud, followed by a little bit of cheese. Yummy hopefully!

It’s also a long weekend here in the UK and an ever longer weekend for me as I’m off all next week. Woohoo! Work is tiresome at the moment, I feel like I’m fighting a lot and firefighting too. It’ll be great to have some time away from it all. Although it won’t be a quiet week. A cooking course in Devon followed by a wedding in Bedfordshire and then a girls weekend in Bath. What fun! Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend, long or otherwise!

Thoughts and happenings

Photo from Baby Picture This

Today I feel like I need this photo full of hope and spring. I have a spring cold and am feeling revolting and it’s suddenly brisk outside again and not warm like it should be. Spring seems to be ebbing and flowing instead of powering on and I am bored of the cold and ready to have my skin warmed by the sunshine.

And then a little something else, far away on the horizon which is taking up a lot of my thinking time right now but which I just cannot share about yet. Probably not for a few months anyhow. But I wanted to mention it as it feels better to have told that there is something, even if not what!
And finally Baby Picture This today announced that she is planning on setting up an Etsy shop. Very very exciting as she is a hugely talented photographer (see above photo) and I think her shop will be absolutely delightful.

An update from Buenos Aires

We’re still in Argentina 🙂 Which is a wonderful thing. Right now we’re in a hotel room in Buenos Aires trying to avoid the heat outside, which is hot! I shan’t complain, but suffice to say we need a little while for it to cool down for our English skin and blood.

For the last two days we’ve been out on an Estancia in the countryside, amazing apart from the mosquitos who have eaten me and are now causing me to issue all sorts of weird noises as I try not to itch my bites.

I can’t believe our time here is almost over. We’ve got the next couple of days to explore BA and then it’s back to London. This is the longest holiday I’ve ever had, and one of the most amazing in terms of experiences and sights. I have so much to share with you all I don’t know where to begin and how not to bore you.

I’m sorry again for my crapness at commenting on your posts and being around posting here. I shall try and resume normal service as it were soon. Once I have recovered the shock of being back and the post-holiday sadness. Until then, take care one and all! Xx