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On working out what works…

On Saturday I went shopping with my sister, she barely gets the chance to shop without the littles so as we had a couple of hours we grabbed the opportunity to have a wonder round the shops. She was looking for new trousers, I was helping. After a short while we ended up in Witchery, for those of you who have been to Australia or live here it is kind of like Reiss.

After a short while I came across the sale rack (always dangerous), upon realising it was all winter clothes I thought it would be a really very good idea to go rooting through. I found a dress which as soon as I picked it up I thought ‘this will suit me’, the kind of mental confidence in my choice surprised me but as I tried it on and it worked I had a little self congratulatory moment. Maybe, just maybe, I had finally worked out what worked for me.

It was quite a moment, a year ago I was a little heavier and a little less certain, a year before that lighter but certainly quite hit and miss. Now I am by no means on the money every time but that one moment made me believe that it is possible to find clothes which work for me and that more and more that is what I should really strive for, even when I *need* something I should wait until I find the right something.

Some very wise ladies have spoken about this before and the idea of minimising one’s wardrobe to the key essentials. It’s hard though, my body changes shape, my idea of what suits me changes, some seasons are just horrible (why do so many designers insist on designing baggy shapeless sacks?!). I think though one of the hardest things is being honest with myself about my body, what shape it is and then actually looking with a critical eye at what I’m trying on. Sometimes I fall so in love with a piece of clothing I decide it looks good, even when I know it doesn’t.

So here’s to a new era, of a critical and honest eye when shopping and hopefully a more streamlined and improved wardrobe.