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Hurricane Sandy

21:40, things have got worse as the day has gone on. The lights are flickering, the streets are quiet and still the rain comes. I’m constantly checking Twitter to see what’s happening. Which is also making me think I should perhaps ease off the Twitter checks to reduce anxiety. We’ll be okay, somehow. Now to watch TV while we have power, enjoy a glass of wine and truly appreciate being at home safe with my husband.

It’s 13:30 and I’m sat on my sofa working from home. Work is closed today because of what is potentially going to be the biggest storm the East Coast of the US has seen for 100 years.

It is an odd feeling, sitting in a warm house, electricity working, water running and seeming calm outside, yet knowing that the worst is yet to come.

When everyone at work started worrying about the Hurricane on Friday I was to be honest a little flippant. Assuming it would be fine, comparing it to Hurricane Irene which was a bit of a non-event in DC last summer, not though for Vermont and Massachusetts Irene left lasting damage which is still being repaired. However as the time passes and the weather reports flow in I am more aware that this one is big.

Time will tell what the effects will be, for now I am just praying that as many as possible stay safe and that Sandy doesn’t wreak as much havoc as expected.