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Continuing on the theme of making conscious decisions (see last post) I decided that it wasn’t just about denying things but also the opportunity to explore and invest in new things.

I love cooking, making yummy food, sharing that food with friends and family, and yet I often find myself looking at recipes and deciding that they’re too complicated or include an odd ingredient I’ve never used before and stopping there. So this weekend I decided to do something about it and we bought a blowtorch. Not a mini chefs one, nope, a big ass proper DIY tools blowtorch. And I love it.

I made my first ever creme brulees on Saturday, admittedly not a resounding success but the caramelising of the sugar on the top with the blowtorch, that was awesome. Our guests quite enjoyed it too.

So there we are, the first of my experiments. No photos to prove what I did but the first step in trying new things, learning more and having a little more fun with fire in the kitchen. So now to try new things and to try and document that trial before the evidence is gobbled up.


Decision help needed!

I need your help, I’m getting new glasses. Thankfully my prescription has only got a little bit worse but what that does mean is that I can order new glasses! So I need you wonderful people to help me decide…

Below photos of frames from Warby Parker, which is an amazing company, for every pair of glasses you buy they give one to someone who needs a pair. Plus they have awesome designs!

Please vote in the comments and let me know which ones you think are best.


The Preakness Stakes

On Saturday May 21st John and I went to the 136th Preakness Stakes. It was my first time to the horse races and to Baltimore and it was a good time. Helped by a gloriously hot day where I feared burning in a matter of seconds and some wonderful races.

The course is in Pimlico, the idea of this made me smile having lived in the other Pimlico for so long.

We drank black eyed Susan’s (no idea what is in a Black Eyed Susan), placed a few bets, won a few bets, lost quite a few more, enjoyed the sunshine and the convivial atmosphere.

All in all it was a rather wonderful day and we might just go back next year…

Party tricks

A couple of weekend’s ago we had some friends for dinner, after a few drinks the party tricks come out, for me it’s either the tricks or dancing after a certain point, one day you’d think I’d learn. So I thought I would share mine with you:

My name is Marie and I have very weird elbows. Elbows which bend ways they shouldn’t. My friend next to me also has bendy elbows, we were giving a display to our other guests. Lucky them 😉

So now I’ve shared mine, have you got any special tricks you’d like to share too?

Exciting times coming up

Tomorrow we’re off to the Preakness horse race in Baltimore, I’m very excited. My first time to a horse race and it’s the second of the triple crown in the US. The race follows the famous Kentucky Derby and will hopefully be a day full of Pimms, betting and general high jinks.

Then on Wednesday we’re going home! I cannot express how excited I am about this, we’ve not been back for almost six months and I miss everyone in England so much so am super excited to be seeing them all. Plus some of our dear friends are getting married while we’re there so it’s even more exciting.

The weekend after we’re off for our first trip to California and another wedding. Lots to look forward to!

Around the White House Gardens

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to be given tickets to the Spring opening of the White House gardens. Not only were we given tickets but we were given four! Which was rather wonderful as we had lovely friends from England with us.

So on a chilly grey Sunday we turned up (as did about 10,000 other people that weekend) to tour around the gardens. And what fun it was! The gardens really are beautiful.

I don’t think this is a famous bit but it looks just lovely.

They had a band playing as we went around. Lots of brass and rousing tunes.

The vegetable garden as introduced by Michelle Obama. Here if you look closely you can see plants which were from Jefferson’s garden. As in plants which have been cultivated at Monticello since Jefferson’s time and are now being grown in the White House gardens!

And finally an ‘up close’ pic of the House itself, complete with the many many visitors that morning!

Lucky us 🙂

Basketball – Hoyas vs Cinncinati

A short while ago we went to see our first basketball game at the Verizon Center. It was the Georgetown Hoyas vs Cinncinati. I’ve not been to see much live sport, nor been to a venue like the Verizon center, it is huge! And has amazing things like the huge screens below.  

The Basketball on the other hand… Not quite so interesting to me. A one hour game took over two hours to play. They stopped so constantly, time out for the teams, televisions breaks, just breaks for no conceivable reason. It was all very frustrating. I think perhaps I could enjoy a more lively game but this one was a little slow and boring.

It was fun seeing it though, the cheerleaders, the college kids supporting the teams, the amazing professionalism of college sports and the atmosphere of a live game.  I won’t be rushing back though…

Roller Derby!

On Saturday I got to experience a whole new sport. One I didn’t even know existed! The Roller Derby! Described to me as women going round and round on roller skates and getting points. Our organiser had been before but had no idea of how it all actually worked. So we settled in to try and work it out….

It seems that the premise of the game is for the jammer to lap the blockers (look at me getting all technical!). She does this by skating faster, weaving in and out and pushing through, all the while being assisted by her team mates and hoping the other team doesn’t get through faster/more often. There were quite a few falls, bashes, scrapes and other rough and tumble going on.

I can’t say it’s a sport I am gagging to get involved in, for one it looks like it’ll do terrible things to your knees. But it’s certainly fun to have been to see it and we might just go again.

A final glimpse of 2010

Happy New Year! Before looking forward I hope you’ll excuse me the opportunity to look back a little, to my trip home for Christmas. It was a fabulous trip, getting to see people I had missed so dearly, laughing like I hadn’t laughed for a while, swearing without worry, returning to being sarcastic and loving London just a little bit more.

And of course, it snowed, like I have not seen snow for years. So a few photos of the snow before I move forwards and think about 2011.

Snowball fight in a lane in Hampstead, the perfect snow for snowballs.

And then onto the Heath to disturb the beauty of the fresh snow and make the most of the quiet to pelt each other.