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I miss y’all

This working malarky is good, don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying being productive, using my brain, earning money again and all that. *But* early mornings, one hour commuting each way and adjusting back to working does not allow for blogging, reading blogs or twitter. Which is to say I miss you guys, I truly do.


Zoo time!

Last week, on a rather cold day, I took a long awaited trip to the zoo with a friend. The zoo here is free, amazing I know! Thankfully really because the cold meant a lot of the animals were hiding. We did manage to find a few, some inside, some rootling around outside.

The pandas are big here, they were gifted from the Chinese and everyone thought they would go home last year but they were allowed to stay and hopefully will breed. Not sure if this was the girl or boy but whichever it was it was sure as hell enjoying its bamboo! 

 I love Meerkats, too cute.

 And finally a majestic tiger, he was prowling like nobodys business, hungry we thought as then he started roaring like I have not heard roaring. I hope he got fed!

Sadly though no more weekday zoo trips for me. I have managed to secure some temping work and so will be otherwise engaged. And if I go a little quiet, my apologies in advance, it’s going to be another big change!


As of yesterday I am officially allowed to work in the USA, woohoo! This is both exciting and terrifying news. Exciting because I can meet new people, get out of the house, earn money and hopefully really experience what it’s like to live here.

Terrifying because that actually means getting a job. Finding something I want to do, can do and in a company that will employ me will not be an easy feat but never say never.

Wish me luck! (or even better if you know someone in Washington DC who is looking for a lovely Brit to come work for them, do let me know) 😉