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Moving and sorting (forever sorting)

We’re getting there. Slowly but surely things are getting sorted and it feels like finally this is home, this is where we live. Although of course the sorting, jeepers, there is so much to go through to sort, to do. The whole process makes me think that we need less. Always less.

There has been a lot on the internet recently about less, from ths excellent New York Times article Living with Less to Sui writing about clearning out her wardrobe and an old post by Peonies about living with only 33 items in your wardrobe (including accessories!) Each time I have read something along these lines I have thought about the concept and liked it, yet never actually done anything about it. Until this move.

Somehow this move came at the right time in my life. We sorted, we started sorting about a month before the actual move and have kept on going until now. So far we have taken 11 bags of clothes to the clothes recycling bin, 3 boxes of stuff to a charity shop, sold a lot of furniture in DC and not replaced it all here. Thrown away an awful lot of stuff. Sorted, resorted and shredded a lot of paperwork and just generally begun to get stuff in order. It is quite astonishing how much two people can acquire and what you really actually need.

To be honest it has been  a delight having our kitchen stuff back and I am so enjoying my cookbooks, pans and other kitchen gadgets. Cooking is one of life’s pleasures. But it has also been so good to have finally got to a point where my wardrobe doesn’t overwhelm and sadden me. I can see what I have (or don’t have). I am wearing the stuff I do have, each piece of it, no matter how ‘special’ that piece may be and I am looking forward to buying less but better when a piece of it finally dies.

Moving away from this relentless consumerism has felt refreshing, we have everything we need and I no longer need to buy. Instead we can save, we can spend on holidays, meals, experiences.

I am hoping that this whole long experience of moving and sorting and sorting and sorting will be  turning point. That somehow I will manage to keep on this track, to avoid the relentless acquistion culture shoved in our faces all the time. To keep our house freer of clutter. To get that kick out of getting rid as I have found myself getting. We’ll see but for now I am enjoying the small amounts of serenity this is bringing.

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One of the nicest things about having our new flat is that we can put our own artwork on the walls. In our previous flat we had two large posters in the lounge that neither of us liked but because they were the landlady’s we could do nothing about then. So it’s been really nice putting up our own stuff! Once our container arrives we shall also put up photos we have taken but for now I thought I’d share what we have with you…

A wall map of America which was given to me as a leaving gift from work. This is in our lounge/dining room.

My new Sharon Montrose prints (I love them!), these are in the bedroom.

And finally a set of three posters we given by some very close friends of ours. These also hang in the lounge/dining room.


Last night was my first home cooked meal in the apartment (crab cakes, garlic mash and salad). Always interesting when you don’t have very much. Hence the vacuum cleaner box as our dining table, wine from mugs and no chairs. All of this leading to me realising that this could be good for my creative spirit, forcing me to improvise…