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A plea to retailers from a tall girl

I went shopping a little while ago and was reminded how sometimes shopping can be such a crushing experience. The kind where you walk out of the shop and want to cry because the mirrors and lighting are so damn unflattering and nothing fits. Not one item.

I was trying to get trousers, I need new ones for work and my old ones are well old. Easy right, black trousers, a wardrobe work staple. Oh no. Not if you’re looking for trousers which are long enough. I’m 5’11” (or just under) so I need longer trousers, surprising that. I also know a lot of women who are similar height to me and they all have longer legs too.

So why do retailers not stock trousers in a longer length? Or even worse not even offer it as an option. I’m going to call out Banana Republic here, who do have longer length but don’t carry it in their stores?! So you can’t try it on you have to pay for shipping and hope for the best.

It’s not just the length though, it’s the curve. Cate wrote a great post about finding jeans which fit, because there are options for different shapes. If a jeans retailer can do it, why can’t other retailers?! On Wednesday I could get things to do up, but then they crunckled and scrunched in places one doesn’t want crunckling and scrunching.

So here’s my plea: Can you please make trousers in different lengths and shapes, because women are different lengths and shapes, then I might just have a little more luck actually finding things which fit…

*I did actually find some trousers, in J Crew which although these weren’t a longer length will do as long as I only wear flat shoes… And I might be coming round to the lure of J Crew, poor wallet.


Ranty rant

I was listening to the BBC’s More or Less programme recently and one of their articles was talking about something which drives me mad. The mis-reporting of medical statistics and the implications of such reporting. The case they were talking about concerned the Implanon contraceptive used by thousands of women in the UK, especially by teenagers who find it easier than having to remember to take the pill.

The story is that 584 women fell pregnant while using Implanon. Over what time period I have no idea, but seeing as it has been used by women in the UK for over 11 years and I can only imagine how many people use it that figure starts to look a little less alarming. The point made by More or Less was that even with this figure of 584 in mind, a conservative estimate of the effectiveness of Implanon against pregnancy still puts it as effective if not more so that most other forms of contraception, bar male sterilisation.

Now I fully believe we should talk about contraception, both good and bad and that the more women talk about it the better but stories like this which don’t give the full facts or even anywhere near the beginnings of the facts should not be allowed and more than that reporters and newspapers and news outlets should be fined for reporting in such a careless manner. Imagine if you used Implanon and heard this, of course you will worry, this may mean a greater work load on the NHS, potentially more unwanted pregnancies as people don’t use Implanon or other contraceptives because they are now scared of it and what might happen.

I just feel so peeved that this is allowed. Rant over.

The Guardian article is:
Hundreds become pregnant despite contraceptive implant Implanon
Channel 4 reported that Implanon failures cost the NHS £200,000 a pop.