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Bar Boulud – London

One of my most recent dining experiences was courtesy of Bar Boulud, London. Based in the Hyde Park Mandarin Oriental, Bar Boulud is part of Daniel Boulud’s empire.

I had been recommended it by a good friend who had said the burger was excellent. So I thought that as my time in London was nearing an end I’d allow myself a little treat and go and check it out.

Being by myself I thought I might be seated at the bar but the Maitre D’ was incredibly welcoming and took me to a table where I could watch the kitchen and other diners. Not only did he make me feel so welcome they also had copies of newspapers ready for you to pick up as your companion to lunch.

I ordered the Yankee Burger, in preparation of my return to the US I thought it was appropriate. It was excellent, good bread, fabulous patty, pickles, tomato, lettuce and onion. I then followed the burger with a pear and nut tarte which was rather indulgent but excellent. Oh and a rather wonderful New Zealand Pinot Noir, so full of blackberry flavour, it was a fabulous accompaniment to the burger. I managed to resist the temptation to a pudding wine too.

I was delighted by the service, my waiter was very friendly, helpful and sweet. The restaurant in itself if beautiful, it feels formal, yet relaxed and I loved the fact that you can see the kitchen at work from your table. All in all I would highly recommend it as a place to visit when in London.

Now to go look at his website and see where else he has restaurants, I think a trip to NYC might be in order…


Dining alone

Having spent a few weeks in the UK by myself I had opportunities to dine alone which don’t normally arise. The first few times one walks into a restaurant and asks for a table for one are hard but the more you do it the easier it gets. In fact it can be rather fun.

I always try and take some reading matter with me, whether it be a book, kindle, newspaper or magazine all are nice as a companion to dinner. Then when you are caught watching someone or get too engrossed in eavesdropping you can always return to your reading.

Then for me it’s about relaxing and enjoying the experience of dining alone, the good food, the atmosphere and the service.