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Return journey

The time has come for us to return to London. We move back in January. Two months. In total we will have lived in the US for 27 months, during which we have experienced some of our toughest times and some absolutely wonderful times, we’ve met many amazing people who I hope will be lasting friends. It was absolutely the right decision to move here and experience this and now it feels like the right time to do the return journey.

There’s a lot to think about of course. Moving country is not easy, as we have learnt, even if you’ve lived there before. We’re going through another period of pretty big change and trying to work it all out again. We’re going back to something which is so familiar and yet viewed through a new perspective and I imagine possibly also so changed from what we left. I’m excited though, the new opportunities this brings, the friendships we can re-kindle, the city I love I get to live in again. London here we come…


2011 in review

I know a lot of people are doing these posts and I’m late but selfishly I want to do one, if only so I can look back and say, yes, 2011 was the year I…

Came back to the US in January after an amazing holiday and realised that this was for real, that we lived here and that I needed to get on with it and *be* here

Found a job which I really like, after taking a temping job to get me back in the swing of things

Returned to the UK in May for a wonderful wedding and an amazing time with good friends

Experienced my first ever DC summer, quite the sticky humid experience. But lovely too to get a summer! I think I even got a bit of a tan

Returned to the UK with J for four weeks, seeing my mama and papa and sisters (both the one from Oz and the one in the UK) and all my nieces and nephews

A quick about turn in the US then back to the UK for five and a half weeks without J, that was hard

Our first Christmas together and then a visit from J’s parents to celebrate New Year

We hosted our first house party in the US and it was good! At least we enjoyed ourselves ūüėČ

This was an odd year for holidays, we went abroad but we didn’t ever really go somewhere just the two of us and relax. I did my first trip to Massachusetts and also ticked off Nevada, Arizona and California. We went back to the UK and as much as it is wonderful being back it can be a little stressful, I’m sure those of you who live away from family will know how hard it can be catching time with everyone and squeezing as much as possible out of the given time.

It’s been a good year in the main, three good friends getting married, four good friends getting engaged, pregnancies being announced and lots going on. I feel good about 2012 though. More so than I did about 2011. Partly I’m more settled in the US, much happier here than I was before, I have good friends here now and a good job. Things with J are stronger, working through everything has built more solid foundations for continuing to build our lives together.

I’m hoping therefore that 2012 can be perhaps a more fun year, one with a little travel, one with some entertaining, one with friends old and new. Without some of trials we came through at the beginning of last year to face and overcome.


Last night was my first home cooked meal in the apartment (crab cakes, garlic mash and salad). Always interesting when you don’t have very much. Hence the vacuum cleaner box as our dining table, wine from mugs and no chairs. All of this leading to me realising that this could be good for my creative spirit, forcing me to improvise…

Things to get used to #1

I arrived on Tuesday. And¬†my new¬†life has begun, the start of this adventure has really started. There’s lots I can say but I thought I would start with an observation on life here and things¬† that are different that I will have to get used to.


When you walk into a store people greet you, when you walk around a store the staff stop and say ‘Hi, how are you?’ and I don’t know how to respond! My Britishness causes me to pause and say umm, yes, thanks and then put my head down and walk on confused. I’ve been to America before and have experienced this before but not on quite the same scale as I did shopping yesterday in Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Safeway. It was amazing!

And then today I worked it out (well a little anyhow), that all you need to do is say fine thanks and smile and then it’s easy. Or ask them for something, they’re there to help after all and they are very helpful. One chap got me crab from the back so I can make crab cakes this evening, another helped me find the tin foil (although I confused him at first by calling it kitchen foil not aluminum foil). And I feel like today I got it a little more…