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August in photos

Work took me to Australia in August, which was wonderful as it meant I got to see my sister and family. I also got to see koalas, wombats, kangaroos and all sorts of cute Australian wildlife.

I’ve always loved wombats, we had a book as children called “The Muddle Headed Wombat” which was one of my favourites growing up.

I started out in Brisbane, for a small city it has excellent shopping and is very picturesque with its river setting.

We managed to sneak away to the beach one day, J enjoyed throwing himself straight into the sea. I enjoyed watching my niece and nephew have fun in the sand and sea.

We also managed to get out into the bush, the sound of being woken by laughing kookaburras is really quite special. They’re also a beautiful bird and watching them, the parakeets and the cockatoos all flying around was fabulous.

I then headed over to Perth for the next part of my work trip. I was actually staying and working in Fremantle so didn’t get to see much of Perth but I did manage a trip along the Swan River to enjoy seeing the city and all the surrounds. Not a city I would rush to return to but I’m glad I went there.

One of the things I love about Australia is seeing all the plants that were in the books I grew up with. My mama is Australian and as Granny was in Australia she used to send us across Australian children’s books. “Snugglepot and Cuddlepie” was one of my favourite ever books and I still look at Banksia plants and see the evil Banksia men.

A very quick turn around after Australia and we were off again, this time heading home, to return to my home and see one of my best friends get married. It was a beautiful wedding and they were blessed with glorious weather. N did an amazing job organising it all with all the details carefully thought out and wonderfully bought to fruition.

I still feel very lucky that we were able to fly back for her wedding and were able to share that day with N and her husband. Plus of course it was lovely seeing both sets of parents and actually relaxing a little!




We went to Northumberland over the memorial day weekend. A good friend of ours from university was getting married and we had the perfect excuse to travel back and enjoy some days in the UK.

I’d never been to Northumberland, sure I’ve visited places up north but not there. The train journey itself was fabulous, watching the sun set over the English countryside as we sped along. A good friend had been super organised and managed to get us £25 first class tickets which made the journey all the more fun.

Then we arrived, to the old country house hotel, where the beds were four poster and the bathrooms carpeted. Seeing old friends and meeting new.

One of the best bits was waking to this view…


The wedding itself was beautiful, the bride wore a vintage 1920’s dress, the location was a stunning English Heritage priory and the reception was held in a marquee overlooking the estuary and the coast. Then back to London on Sunday to enjoy time wandering that fabulous city for a few days together.

I think one day we’ll be back to this far flung corner of England. If nothing else just to see that view again.