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Motivation and maintenance

I finally made it to the gym this evening, which made me think about how I really need to go more often… I finally picked the habit up again last winter, J had started going and was slimming down and I didn’t want to be the heifer wife so I joined him. With two trips a week and a relatively quiet life after about 2 months I started to notice a difference. I liked what I noticed, I felt better within and about myself, I was fitter and healthier, it helped with stress, sleep and state of mind.

Then the summer of travel hit, I have been away for at least a week every month since May, in fact for 3 weeks of August I was gone. It kind of scuppered all those good plans. At first it was fine, then the gradual softening started happening and things were getting softer and other things, like my clothes, tighter.

What I have begun to admit to myself, was that losing weight was one thing, keeping it off another, but both require motivation and maintenance. I can’t go out boozing 3 nights a week, eating crap and not exercise and keep the squidge away. So I’m writing this post so that the next time I get home and think “ah, not tonight, it’s alright, I’ll go tomorrow” when I know full well that tomorrow I won’t, I really need to give myself a kick in the butt and go. Even if it’s only a short visit it’s all about the habit. I also need to think about a way to motivate myself, rewarding myself if I go twice a week perhaps, a picture of me at my slimmest on the fridge, being honest with myself. I’m sure I’ll find something, until then, I’ll just try to actually kick myself into gear more often than once every two weeks.